q u e s t i o n s


Of Your Blends, which are your favorite?

  • Right now my favorites are Bilbo Brew, Reichenbach Recovery, Lestrade, and The Tardis. But I enjoy all of them. Different moods require different teas ;)

Which of your teas would you recommend for someone that likes blah blah blah

  • this is probably my most frequently asked question, and I really do need to get a flow chart or something made. Soon. Be patient. I’ll make like. A chart or something.

Have you made Avengers Tea? 

Have you made Supernatural Tea? 

  • No. It’s not really my fandom, and other people have already made some lovely Supernatural blends :D


  • I don’t hate Sam, I just stay away from him. I went to school with Jared P and so it’s one of those weird things that keeps me from watching any episode of SPN that doesn’t revolve around Misha Collin’s face. Jared is/was an awesome, talented guy, but yeah, it’s WEIRD.

Have you/Will you make “such-and-such” Tea?

  • Honestly I don’t mind suggestions for new fandoms to create teas for! Fandoms I’ve been considering doing so far include Harry Potter, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Korra, Name of the Wind, and Star Trek. I’m into a lot of fandoms, so you might be surprised with what I come up with.

Where can I buy your stuff? 

  • The blends are all at Adagio, obviously
  • I also have a redbubble shop for shirts and stickers and posters
  • and a Society6 for pillows and whatever else you’d like
  • and a lovely person that does buttons/mirrors/keychains for me!

Can you sell sample packs of the teas? 

  • Sorry, Adagio isn’t going to sell sampler packs as far as I know, and personally, it takes FOREVER to put each sampler pack together. I might continue to make a small amount of sampler packs to sell at conventions I go to, but I have no plans to sell them online at this time.
  • Adagio is selling sampler packs now! I also sell my own at conventions and stuff, but I’m not currently offering mine to order online, since you can get Adagio’s sampler that way <3

Why is shipping for tea so expensive? 

  • That’s out of my hands, all the shipping is done through Adagio :C There are things like custom fees and stuff I guess?

Why cant you ship to to Australia? 

  • Again, I don’t ship it and also it’s a law or something. I’m sorry Q_Q

'Such and Such Tea' is out of stock! When will it be back??

  • Unfortunately, that is totally out of my hands. In the U.S., Adagio ships from two different warehouses on either side of the country, so a tea may be out of stock in one part of the country but not another. They replenish as often as they can—sometimes if you check back the next day it will be available again, but sometimes they have to wait on shipments of tea from China or India for weeks and weeks. This stuff literally travels across the ocean on boats, guys.

Are you Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • I am Benedict Cumberbatch playing Martin Freeman playing Cara McGee. But seriously, no. I don’t want him to actually stumble on this blog and then become horrified that people might actually think that.

Who won the last give away? 

  • I notify the winner of each give away with a note right away. I also post the winners tumblr name and tag the post “give away” so you can easily find out.

When is the next give away?

  • In an ideal world, I’ll do a give away each weekend. However, life can also pile up on me, so I might have to take a week or two off here and there. Just be patient, a new one will come along.

Will you follow me back? Can we be friends? Do you have Skype?

  • I’d love to be friends with every single one of you! And I like to think I am, in my own little way. Unfortunately though, I do have a job, and a boyfriend, and hobbies, so I can’t be on tumblr all day answering asks and replying to comments Q_Q I also don’t use skype or other messaging services, sorry! And also I follow nearly 500 blogs right now and can barely keep up OTL Please don’t take it personally if I don’t follow you back or answer your question!

What are your other blogs?

  • Oh my goodness, too many. I run:
  • What People Brew (for fandom teas)
  • Captain Draws (Captain America ask-type blog on Hiatus)
  • Sherlock Blogs (Sherlock Ask Blog)
  • I have a million other blogs parked that I might do stuff with (Bilgo-bloggins, Pilotintheattic, etc) but IDEK.

Will you promote my blog/Reblog this post for awareness?

  • Uuuh…. maybe. I try to stay neutral on sensitive issues on tumblr. Politics, gender-issues, censorship stuff… you can read about that stuff on other blogs, I don’t really want to get into it here.

What cons are you doing this year?

  • Here’s what I’m doing for sure as of January 16 2013:
  • Alma Con in Alma, MI, Feb 7-10 (will have a table and throwing a tea party)
  • Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA, March 1-3 (no table, but I will have tea samples with me at the con)
  • FLUKE in Athens, GA, April 6 (Will have table)
  • 221b Con in Atlanta, GA April 13-14 (will have table, a tea party and a panel discussion)
  • C2E2 in Chicago, IL, April 26-28 (will have table)
  • Depending on my summer travel plans, I may or may not be at: Akon, HeroesCon, Fanime, AX, SDCC, Dragon*Con, and AWA

Wait, so Adagio doesn’t pay you upfront, just with credits? That’s a shame!

Boop, I’ve answered this before too, but since yeah, I do believe in full disclosure and people are still asking, here’s how I’m compensated:

  • So Adagio’s normal system is: Anyone can use their site to create whatever blends they want. You can keep your blends private and just order them for yourself, or you can make them public and allow other people to find them and buy them. Every time someone else purchases your blend, you get 10 ‘frequent cup points’, and basically equates to $1 off of your next tea purchase.
  • So say you make a blend and over a week 10 people buy it. You’d get 100 frequent cup points, so $10 to use on Adagio.
  • This is how it generally works for Adagio.
  • The fandom blends I was making sort of… exploded, and obviously got reblogged all over the place, so I sell a LOT of bags. And I get a LOT of Frequent Cup points.
  • And I eventually reached the point where I had literally bought just about everything I wanted from Adagio’s site using my points, and I was buying tea to send to all of my friends and family and just… I had more tea than I knew what to do with.
  • So Adagio worked it out with me that once a month they’d take my frequent cup points, and pay me a percentage based on how many blends had sold.
  • Which is INCREDIBLE of them, since at the time we spoke I was having a lot of financial problems with my school loans and taxes
  • So yeah, now I do get paid a bit for the blends, but I really want to emphasize that my case is really out of the norm.
  • But I don’t want to lie to people buying the blends and say “Pffft, no, I’m not making anything.”
  • So there you go!
  • I feel like I sound like a cheerleader for Adagio all the time, but they really have been really one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Their customer service is fast and friendly, their tea is always good and when it’s not they do what they can to fix it, and they stay in touch with me with lots of new ideas about how we can make the fandom blends experience better for all of you guys. The giveaways wouldn’t be possible without their generosity. Dude, the awesome guy from Adagio that’s mainly been helping me stopped by the Sherlock Tea Party I organized in NYC earlier this month just to say hi (and oh my gosh he brought his daughter whose name is SENCHA AND IS THAT NOT THE CUTEST NAME IN THE ENTIRE WORLD???). That’s just how awesome they all are. So yes, I will happily cheerlead for them.


Could you tag all of your food/Teen Wolf/Sherlock/Whatever Fandom or Thing I don’t want on my dash?

  • I run my blog mostly for me. I have to. I can’t tailor my blog to suit the needs of every single one of my followers when there are now 34k+ of you.
  • So, I blog in a way that allows me to be enthusiastic and geeky and… you guys, I have a day job that treats me like shit most of the time, a pile of freelance work on any given day, an online shop I’m trying to maintain, plus I still try and attempt to come up with new tea and work on my own comic properties whenever I get a chance. I am a busy, genuinely stressed out person. Tumblr is an escape that I cling to with enthusiasm. 
  • I also follow over 600 blogs. I don’t let myself go back more than 10 pages at a time, and ‘catching up’ with my dash is a distant dream. I reblog using the alt-click method. I DO use X-kit now, so sometimes tags are reblogged along when I click now! Huzzah! You have been asking me to do this for a while and I finally caved! But not all posts I reblog have tags, and, yeah, I just…. don’t really add my own very often.
  • there are things I obviously will ALWAYS tag. Trigger-y things like self-harm or abuse or violence or gore even though those are things I try really hard to keep off of my blog because those are things I don’t care to discuss or look at or anything like that. If I DO reblog something like that and I missed a tag, PLEASE tell me, and I will fix it.
  • Getting into tagging for really specific phobias is….. difficult. I have an intense fear of fish/all things that live in the sea. Seeing pictures of these things makes me really uncomfortable, and I do what I can to avoid it. Same with horror movies, and hey, guess what, most of the Hannibal posts I see. I don’t bother with tumblr savior though, because it is super easy for me to scroll right on by. Again, there are just TOO MANY of you for me to tag super specific phobias if they come up, unless it’s something like spiders or blood or something (again, things that freak me out, so I probably wont ever reblog them anyway).
  • Tagging for food…. look. This is where I have to talk about tags a LOT. Not as much as I used to I guess though, because I used to do food spams a lot more often. And there are inevitably people that will ask me to tag the food, either because they just dont want to see it, or they’re dieting or have an eating disorder. And I understand all of those reasons, I honestly do! You know my general reasons why I don’t add tags when reblogging, and I also want to let you know that reblogging food spams every so often is how I deal with my own eating disorder. I have crohn’s disease, and part of that means there are days, or even weeks, where even the thought of eating anything makes me physically sick. I can prepare a meal or go out and order something, but as soon as it’s right in front of me to eat, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve gone days without eating actual meals because of this, and it’s dangerous. 
  • Reblogging food and going on food spams helps remind me how amazing food is, and how awesome it is to eat it. Even if I know I’m having a day where being around food will make me sick, I’ll decide ‘fuck it, I really want some fried chicken right now, but I can’t eat it, so I’ll just indulge in all of these photos of it!’
  • Now, as for tagging for fandoms…..man guys, just let me enjoy things I want to enjoy I love so many things and I don’t even blog about all of them because I feel like an obnoxious ass hole most of the time as it is I am just so tired and I am so sorry if you don’t like Teen Wolf or whatever else, I don’t know what to tell you, but I will offer you gentle kisses on your cheek.

What happened to the Hobbit and Harry Potter teas?

  • Right now there are some copyright hoops we’re trying to work our way through! We’re trying to get them back though, just keep checking for them!

Are you making Night Vale teas?

  • Yes!

But Joseph Fink said not to sell merch!

  • We have gotten word from Mr. Fink that the teas are fine as long as they don’t use the words Night Vale or the official Night Vale logo! Neat!

Wait, what is Night Vale?

  • Oh man, I’m really not google. I promise. 

What programs/supplies do you use to make your art?

  • I use Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet for my digital art. When drawing by hand, I favor .5 drafting pencils and Pitt Pens for inking. Most of the tea labels were drawn by hand, scanned, and colored digitally.

What the heck do you do for a living?

  • An average day for Cara is like so: Wake up around 9 or 10 and spend a couple of hours replying to messages or working on scripts/outlines for comic proposals. Drag myself out of bed to get ready to be at work around noon. Thank the lord I have an incredible day job that lets me come in at noon. Work my day job, in which I am a glorified Interior Design librarian, cataloging, organizing and fetching samples of designer fabrics and wallpapers for a few hours each day. Try not to scream at insufferable people or fall asleep on my feet. Get home around 5 each day, unless running errands. Answer more emails when I get home. Sit at desk and start working on whatever freelance projects I have going—this could be poster designs, book layouts, or event organization or something completely different. Take breaks for tumblr. Too many breaks, really. At some point, I set aside time to try to work on tea-related things, like creating new blends or updating labels or putting together samples for conventions. If a convention is coming up, I spend 3 or 4 hours a day during the week or two leading up to the con quietly freaking out and trying to prepare. I Go to bed around 2 in the morning, but then realize I can’t sleep, so lay there and read fanfiction until 3 or 4. Wake up at 9 or 10. Repeat.

So wait, how did you get into this whole tea blending thing?

  • Man, complete fluke, idek. I’ve been a customer with Adagio for years, but didn’t really do my own blends until…. a year and a half ago? Has it been that long? Anyway. Then I just did a few Sherlock teas for fun, posted them on tumblr, and they just exploded and I just kept making more and more and realized I was sort of not terrible at this whole thing? And then somehow I ended up accidentally pioneering this whole new form of fandom expression i seriously dont even know guys it’s really bizarre.

So how do you come up with the blends???

  • I’ve got a goofy-ass tutorial on my methods right here have fun I’m so sorry.