Okay. So. This is incredibly awkward for me and not something I ever wanted to use my blog for. So, bear with me for a minute because this isn’t just an art post.

You might know that I’m a graduate of a rather pricey art school. As with pretty much all private American Universities, it was not cheap, and to be able to afford it I had to take out a lot of loans, putting me in the same boat of debt as way too many other people my age right now. I played the stupid game of avoiding collectors until the government literally called me at work and was like “LOL so you have to pay us $2000 today or we’re going to fuck up your credit forever”. I didn’t have a choice but to pay that chunk of change that I didn’t really have, and now I’ve got payments of nearly $300 a month to start going through. That’s student loans for you, and again, a lot of people have to deal with them, and I worked out my budget last week to make sure I could deal with it by tightening my belt each month. It even meant turning down my first chance to have my own car again for the first time in 5 years. I’d really been looking forward to being able to get a better job with reliable transportation, but, I’m lucky enough that at least I still have my day job that I can walk to each day.

But. Literally 2 days after shelling out pretty much all the money I had, I got another call from my aunt, who is a CPA and does my taxes for me. Turns out that thanks to a payroll error that wasn’t caught on time, I didn’t have any with-holdings taken out of my paychecks for the last few months. Meaning I now owe the federal and state government another $300 by the 15th. Isn’t this the most fascinating story? Doesn’t it make you excited to grow up and go to college and be an adult? Sorry. I’m trying to be as forthright and honest about what I’m going through as possible, because I have to ask tumblr for help right now. And I hate that.

I think donations should be made to people that risk getting kicked out of their homes, or have vet bills to pay, or their own hospital bills to settle. But there are people that follow me that know my medical history. I’m open about my experience with Crohn’s disease, and it’s no secret that getting over-stressed regularly puts me into the hospital, sometimes for weeks. I’m trying to avoid that stress and that medical bill by trying to get my finances under control again first.
I’m taking more hours at work. I’m canceling con trips I had planned.
I’m not taking more commissions right now
. I’m sorry. I’ve already got commissions owed to people, and it’s not fair to them if I take on new ones right now. But I hate asking for handouts, so what I’m doing is this:

  • if you can help me out in ANY small way by donating to my paypal account (queensnape@hotmail.com) I will email you the following:
  • Hi-res copies of the finished versions of the WIP sketches above so that you can make your own prints, graphics, or just laugh at how bad my art looks when you zoom in on it.
  • Wallpaper versions of both finished images for more instant gratification
  • I’m never going to post the finished versions of the images online. Those will only ever be sent to the donors. Even if you just send $1, I’ll still email you the files.
  • (my paypal address is not my regular email address BTW. If you need to contact me, please send an ask.)

Again, I don’t like having to resort to this one bit, it makes me feel pretty pathetic, TBH. But we all have crisis(es? sp?) to get through at some point, and I hope that any time any of you need help you’ll be able to turn to me as well.

Thanks guys.

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    Boosting! I know entirely too much how horrible stress can be with Crohn’s, so the best of luck to you :(
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