1. misslizeelou said: Yes! Do Ghibli Teas!
  2. captainhooves said: Ghibli tea! Ghibli tea! :)
  3. arianawrites said: Oh my god, that would be amazing. I love Studio Ghibli even more than I love Sherlock and that’s saying something.
  4. honeythistle said: YES. YES. GHIBLI TEAS. PLEASE. aha sorry i got a bit excited >w<
  5. runningmad said: YES.
  6. lilypadlovegood said: yesssssss succumb <3
  7. heyo-its-kao said: Doooo eeeet! XD
  8. cheerschloe said: Turniphead!
  9. postscriptforfinales said: I think I would just break down and cry tears of tea and emptiness at the state of my bank account. But I would be happy because it would be like living in some kind of perfect story where all the things you love are everywhere.
  10. shorthandincrayon said: Never?
  11. myhumanerror said: OMG GHIBLI TEAS YES
  12. slice-of-fun-pie said: At this rate you will be making tea for the rest of your life! :P
  13. bettythetl said: Oh my dear it’ll never end. I made a blend for an OC I came up with that was supposed to be for one RP only. She stayed around and the tea will, too, I hope. XD
  14. grahms said: CARA I WOULD LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
  15. sherlocks-trousers said: Ghibli teas? OMG please do!!!!