Okay here’s the thing

  • I can accept the fact that for whatever reason, I have nearly 20k followers and that makes me “tumblr famous”
  • I don’t know what tumblr famous means, outside of having more followers than I probably deserve, but that’s where we are
  • lots of people read my blog
  • and since lots of people found my blog through the fandom tea, which I unthinkingly created under my full name, lots of people know my full name
  • I’m sort of easy to google, is the point.
  • I get this, I accept this.
  • I’m an adult, and I understand that I shouldn’t post things that I wouldn’t want my family or employers reading about 
  • So I don’t!
  • Honestly, my parents and my boss could go through my blog and I’d be fine. Maybe a bit embarrassed, but fine.
  • BUT
  • Today, we have run into a problem, thanks to a charming third party

  • Because someone has taken it upon themselves to email my boss and tell them that I’ve been ‘complaining about my job and making the company look bad’ among other things. Nothing I don’t think I haven’t actually told my boss before.
  • Again, I DO complain about my job on here. Because honestly I don’t…. I feel like I don’t have a lot of friends IRL that would want to sit there and listen to me complain. I don’t like being that person that gets together with friends just to complain about work.
  • So I complain on tumblr, where you guys can chose to read this stuff or ignore it
  • So I’m honestly baffled by a few things:
  2. HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE I WORK? I am almost POSITIVE that I have NEVER mentioned the name of the company I work for. I don’t think I have it listed on LinkedIn or facebook either. I’m going to have to go check now, I guess.
  3. HOW DID YOU GET MY BOSSES EMAIL? I HAVE NEVER MENTIONED ANYONE BY NAME IN ANY OF MY WORK POSTS. Also I love my boss and would never complain about her but oh my god.
  • I am just SO EMBARRASSED that my boss had to sit me down and talk about this and frankly a little ashamed, not because of my blog, but because now I feel like… I can’t really trust tumblr now, which was like… my outlet..
  • It’s honestly just… really disappointing.
  • So thanks, anonymous follower that decided my life was too awesome lately, and I needed to be brought down a peg or something
  • that’s just really terrific
  1. awakeningonmars said: jesus fucking christ what a dickbag! like, i’m sorry, who goes around deliberately shitting all over someone’s life like that? hope your boss understood your situation. that’s so awkward/disappointing/unnecessary. :(
  2. freshwhensleeping said: wow some people are just terrible.
  3. slaughteringlamb said: Jesus… Honestly, I’m so sorry this happened to you, Cara, and a bit frightened too cause how the hell did they even get that info? Not to be an alarmist or anything but, you know… stay safe.
  4. rabidicity said: That’s ridiculus. I’m sorry you experienced that.
  5. forestoffairy said: Wow that’s awful! :( Whoever did that, it’s the lowest of the low! I’m sorry to hear that…
  6. misket said: Is it at all possible that it may be someone at work? People need to vent their feelings somewhere, it is so unfair that this happened to you.
  7. otterystmarymorstan replied:
  8. holycrustacean said: What the absolute fucking hell? I’m sorry someone was a complete asshole for no damn reason. That was horrible of them. :\
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  10. lilihierax said: Thing is, it’s probably not one of your followers, just someone passing by who has a bone to pick with you for obviously irrelevant reasons (not liking fandom, not liking the profit you’ve made off tea, possibly even butthurt over the giveaway hiatus
  11. cheertheeffup said: That’s awful. I’m sorry.
  12. islandofmisfitbloggers reblogged this from areyoutryingtodeduceme and added:
    Dude, that’s just totally fuckin’ uncool. I know people are bound to have anti-fans when they’re more than just some...
  13. brynamon said: Wow, that’s ridiculous. I’m so sorry that this happened to you.
  14. datingbooks said: Oh my god, I can’t believe someone would do that to you. Everyone has a right to an outlet for frustration. I’m so sorry! /hugs
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    If I’ve learned anything from my friend who for awhile worked PR for a former child star, it’s that there are people out...
  16. magnoliaqueen123 said: God, I’m probably really behind on this post now. However, this is a really horrible and childish thing to do to anyone. I’m sorry you have (had) to go through that.
  17. cassandratargaryen said: Wow that is unbelievably rude. Does your boyfriend read your blog? You made kind of a personal post about your relationship the other day, I was just wondering if he knows about it. I hate when irl people find my tumblr.
  18. naufrageous said: wow. i don’t even know why someone would do that. that’s just… asshatty. have all the hugs: *all the hugs*. i’m sorry some jerk did that, and i really hope that if you don’t feel you can vent here, you find someplace where you can. *some more hugs*
  19. crescent010 said: That was really childish of them to do that to you. Guess there lives just suck, so they had to do something mean to make themselves feel better.
  20. cas-wecanfixthis said: Oh my god… Who would even /think/ to do that, nevermind go out and ACT upon it!? I’m so sorry that this happened. -hugs-
  21. imspoopyyouass said: I’m so sorry. I don’t understand why someone would go that far out of their way to make your life miserable. :(
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  23. declasse-withsugarontop said: that’s really awful and creepy :(
  24. daniwavestoyou said: What a doucher! I’m sorry this has happened. :/
  25. welcometotheoldworld reblogged this from areyoutryingtodeduceme and added:
    Okay, wow, that’s just awful. Whoever did this… I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think I’ve ever sincerely wished...
  26. attentionregardezvouslebearpolar said: *sigh* Do people really have nothing better to do with their time? So sad. :(
  27. renhi said: Wow, some people are really rude D: I’m so sorry that this happened to you! ;w; You sound like such an awesome person, too ;A;
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    this is not fucking okay
  29. thewholockedvongola said: I’m so sorry :( I don’t know why someone would go out of their way to do that…who doesn’t vent about their job? Honestly…
  30. trillingconclusion said: Oh god, that is way not okay! I’m so sorry you had to deal with that.
  31. clinquantstardusts said: Oh my god… that’s terrible D:
  32. cyan-013 said: I’m so sorry that you had to go through that. :/ You are far too awesome for this crap. Hope everything stops being scary soon! D:
  33. gyntiana said: why would anyone do that? that’s a horrible thing to do. so sorry for you!
  34. vandynamite reblogged this from areyoutryingtodeduceme and added:
    Dick move, Tumblr….dick…move.
  35. iheardyoujohn said: I was worried that was what happened. =\ I’m so sorry Cara, and I hate that this vindictive, asinine little shit decided that they needed to play tattle tale on your blog and personal space for no other reason than they hate themselves.
  36. thisclockworkheart said: Why would anyone do that?!?! I’m so sorry someone did this to you. The only reason I can come up with is that they’re threatened by the power of your awesomeness. And that’s no excuse at all. But you are still awesome- don’t forget that!
  37. atomicallyperfect said: Oh, Cara! I’m so sorry you have to deal with that. Whoever did this is an ass and has some serious issues! That’s just beyond my comprehension! I want to give you a big hug and make you some jjigae of your choice! *mentally sending you lots of love*
  38. sameoldsorceress said: That is so not cool. Gods, I’m so sorry that happened :(
  39. a-crack-in-time said: You probably won’t see this but I know how you feel. I got fired because of something I wrote on FB about my job. I’d worked there 4years it was ridiculous. I can give you advice if you want. As I sort of sued my old work for what they did to me. Xx