thecityofpaper asked you: can you rec some teenage au’s cara pleaseee

fdfadffakjdshf okay some of these are more like school AU’s but they still count right?

Also I’m probably forgetting a lot that I like OTL

  • School For Scandal [explicit. John/Sherlock. Sherlock lusts from afar. John tries hard to fool himself. High school AU. Slash.]
  • Sins of Our Fathers Series [mature. A spark was all it took to change John’s path, throwing him in Sherlock’s way twenty-five years early.]
  • Back in the day/The Faithful Compass Series [explicit. A Johnlock story set while John is at university and an AU in that this time Sherlock is the one who’s a few years older and is trying to find something to keep his interest in London after getting bored and being thrown out of Uni. ——I have been reading this one all week.]
  • Common Grounds [mature. John Watson is working at Holmes Manor for the summer and is caught up in the whirlwind that is Sherlock Holmes. Teen AU. Eventual M/M]
  • Academic Eros [mature. It’s John’s last year doing theory at university before he starts training in a hospital. But to get there, he first has to pass the infamous Dr Sherlock Holmes’ Biochemistry paper …]
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys [pg-13 Sherlock/John. There is already someone sitting at the opposite end of the table, but there are books and slides and petri dishes spread out across the length of it, in all directions. There is an unlaced man’s shoe sitting on the edge. There does not appear to be a foot attached to it.]
  • Give me a Label (I’ll Make Confetti) [explicit Mystrade (!!!) Gregory Lestrade is the local badboy. He drinks, he smokes, he has sex, but that’s what a lot of seventeen-year-old boys do. Not Mycroft Holmes, of course; that posh git wouldn’t know what to do with a bloke. That’s what Greg thinks until he sees a new side of Mycroft, and every label he’s ever used is torn down in seconds.——I think I only like Mystrade when it’s completely silly]
  • A Study in Ludus [Mature. University AU - The University of London certainly wasn’t the first choice for Sherlock Holmes and Jim Moriarty, but it’s central location provided them with the opportunity to get their feet wet in a city that would soon be at the mercy and awe of their genius. Unfortunately, school itself is incredibly dull. So to fend off their boredom, Sherlock is challenged by Jim to seduce his new Professor, John Watson. Sherlock accepts, and is calculating and manipulative at first - but begins to rethink their wager when he starts to develop unfamiliar (and frighteningly sentimental) feelings towards the other man.]
  • Actually here’s a whole other list of good Teen!Lock recs right here!
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