• everyone should just
  • move to Atlanta
  • and hang out with me
  • and knit things with me
  • and watch Martin Freeman movies with me
  • and maybe then
  • I wont move next year
  1. shi-dragon said: I WOULD BUT COLLEGE. MOVE TO OMAHA.
  2. pizzaqueerest said: I’LL BE BACK IN A WEEK AAAAH.
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  4. woodox-earthtaurus said: or you could move to Rhode Island and be my roommate since I’m gonna need one in like March. ^_^ And then we can have tea and watch fandom and I can be in awe of you in person!
  5. oswiniarty said: I live in Marietta…
  6. frakkingmuggles said: I feel you… I just really want a friend to knit with while we watch movies and drool.
  7. arcreactorangel said: Teach me how to knit I only crochet!
  8. batmangs said: LETS HANG OUT I live in Atlanta!
  9. theotherstarkbastard said: I would knit and watch movies with you ;.;
  10. katelynninja said: You live in ATLANTA?!!?!? I’m in PCFL!
  11. nolala said: YES I AM ALREADY HERE (/creeper)
  12. frek said: I keep thinking the same thing, except North Carolina. Sigh.
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  14. enjouji said: Tonight was the best and we should do this more often! Except for the parts where I went to the wrong gate, door, and tripped in the parking lot. Your apartment hates me! T^T
  15. thesteverogers said: Ohmygod I would totally be on that. Why is this country so huuuuuge D:
  16. ianrenard said: if you move, move to texas, in fort worth, and I’ll have a room for you. My house is old but quaint. and in need of some work but i’m working on it. SO yeah, we shall make tea, and watch martin freeman movies. and knit things
  17. thegiraffery said: I move all the time, but I’ll be in Atlanta tomorrow, on my way from NC to San Diego!