My schedule in NYC next week, more or less.

For my own reference, as well as just in case anyone wants to get together while I’m there? I’m just going to try to be zen and go with the flow mostly so.

Wednesday, January th

  • I fly in at 11 pm and going straight to my hotel and crashing hahahahaha oh god I hope I can find somewhere to eat that late actually….

Thursday, January 10th

  • The Christopher Morley Walk commences at 9:30AM at the Algonquin Hotel 
    (I MIGHT try to go to this, but oh god, so early) 
  • The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball. 8 p.m.
    (Woooooo! This is where the Reapersun Collab and the Tea set are being auctioned off so of course I’ll be there!) 


Friday, January 11th

  • I think I’m pretty much leaving this day free for doing whatever?


Saturday, January 12th

  • The Merchants’ Room will open at 9am in the Vanderbilt Suite of the Roosevelt Hotel
    (I emailed about having a table here but I don’t know if it’s happening or not so???? I’ll bring some stuff to see either way, so we’ll see)
  • The Baker Street Irregulars Annual Cocktail Reception is open bar. And there’s lots of rare stuff to gawk at. Do you need another reason to go? How about hors d’oeuvres? The reception is at Delmonico’s Kitchen at 207 West 36th St, [map] and is $79.00 (remember, open bar!) at the door. Door open at 1:30PM.
    (I might do this IDK augh so expensive….) 
  • Lost in New York with a Bunch of Sherlockians 6:00PM at Pete’s Tavern at 29 E. 18th St, [map]. 
    (Totally doing this!) 


Sunday, January 13th

  • The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes - informal brunch at Harley’s Smokeshack at 11:30AM at 356 West 44th St. 
    (SO THERE.) 
  • SherlockNYC Tea Party  1:00 - 5:00 pm at theProducer’s Club at 358 W 44th St [map
    (Of course I’m going to be there! I’ve got like, over a dozen different teas for you guys to try, and I’ll be selling sampler packs of the teas, as well as art prints, and doing sketches for freeeeee!)

Anywho, a lot of you guys in the area already know how to get in touch with me I think, in case you want to grab lunch or anything at some point 8D;; If I don’t hear from anyone, I’ll probably just wander around the city by myself, spending way too much money on food and clothes. If you don’t know how to get a hold of me, send me a note and we can exchange info :D

  1. mkmonster said: No time is too late to eat in NYC. It’s the city that never sleeps. C:
  2. thefangirlfeminist said: oh my gosh you’re doing the brunch?! I really wanna go since that’s my birthday weekend and I wanna meet awesome Sherlock people but I’M SO POOR and that’s the cheapest thing ugh
  3. moare said: Hah! You come to NYC for the week, I peace for a week.
  4. holkie said: Check out the Not For Tourists guide for New York. Best guide ever. Breaks down Manhattan neighborhood by neighborhood. Or check the NFT site.
  5. kitsunecoffee said: i’m just going to keep sending you shopping recommendations, because i’m evil ¬‿¬…
  6. smoteymote said: No stop you are not allowed to be in NYC when I am not there a;lsdfja;sd NOT FAIR.
  7. motherfuckingshittits said: You poor child how will you sleep
  8. yarmello said: Darn I’m just gonna miss you in NYC! I’ll be there the week after. Have a great trip!
  9. hannahbaba said: I may only do the tea party because monies, I have none, but Pete’s Tavern does sound like fun…
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