BSI Weekend 2013: The Stupid Long Write Up!

Okay so I’m going to stop being lazy and write about this weekend and it’s going to be long, and filled with lots of random pictures, and gushing over wonderful people, and then being an ass and forgetting other peoples names, so if I mention you but don’t name you, don’t be offended, I am literally the worst with names aaaaugh DDD:

Wednesday: I had an afternoon/evening flight from Atlanta to Chicago to New York, so it was a long day of travelling. Little did I know that on one of those flights was an awesome person that I would get to hang out with during the weekend. More on that later though! 
Aubre and Lee were perfect angels and picked me up from LGA at nearly midnight. Bless their hearts. Lee even brought me a red velvet push-pop cake Q///A///Q They then took me to my hotel which was AWESOME and I’m going to refer everyone to them in the future and stay there all the time always. Check out this building:

SO CUTE. It was on 29th, right off of Park Ave, so there was lots of great stuff nearby. My criteria for hotel in NYC were: less than $100 a night, with free wi-fi and a private bathroom. Which incredibly sounds impossible, but this place totally delivered and was clean and comfortable and friendly. LOOK AT MY KAWAII ROOM:



It was so old school. The elevator was hand operated and everything. I was so impressed. I loved it.

Anyway, after I threw all my stuff down, Lee and Aubre ventured to the Nearby Korea town/block with me for some late night noshing, as it was now after midnight. We found a tiny Japanese/Korean place and got some AWESOME food (LOOK AT THIS KAWAII RAMEN:


and then I promptly crashed hard when I got back to the hotel.


Thursday: After panicking for the last week that I would have no money for my trip, a payment I was waiting on finally cleared through my bank and I could finally relax. Aubre was planning to get her hair styled for the BSB Ball that night, so she went ahead and scheduled me to get my hair cut at the same place, since I’d been complaining that my hair was getting ridiculous. We went to this awesome place called Fringe, and everyone there was aaaaawesome, and my stylist was one of the best I’ve ever sat with, talked with me about what she was doing the entire time, and really listened to what I wanted. It was perfect (despite the unimpressed face I am making. I just don’t know how to take a picture).

So happy I decided to get my hair cut, and Aubre looked so dashing with her cool pompadour style!

After that we wandered around for a while, got Cate, and….. I don’t think we did anything else before they dropped me off at my hotel so we could all get ready for the Ball *_*

You guys all helped me pick out my dress and everything, and I ended up getting so many compliments during the gala! Everyone looked SO GORGEOUS THOUGH. LOOK AT ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL IN THIS ONE PICTURE:


The ball/auction itself was amazing. The Babes had collected some amazing stuff to be auctioned for the Wounded Warrior Project, and I madly bid on a few things, but by the end of the night concentrated most of my efforts on winning a gorgeous print of Sashkash’s art in the silent auction (which paid off! Totally won!)

Dudes, look at all this stuff:

And it was just great getting to meet and socialize with new Sherlockians. I felt like it was a pretty great mix of our younger ‘tumblr’ generation, as well as some of the older, long standing fans in the Baker Street Irregulars. Everyone was just so enthusiastic and friendly and it was just a great environment. Super classy.

We were even well fed, and enjoyed a number of very well written and entertaining toasts/speeches during dinner. I sat with the SherlockNYC ladies, and our new friend Eva (oh my god, I am 90% sure that’s you’re name, right darling?? I ended up loosing my little coin purse I kept the business cards I got in DDD:)

The babes were right behind us, where I could stare at them like a creeper all evening. Heh heh heh.

Anyway, as I said, the auction went really well, and lots of money was generously raised for Wounded Warrior. I am so proud of the Sherlockians!

FRIDAY: This was essentially my ‘free day’, i.e., no BSI Weekend events planned for me. So I got up earlier than I needed to and wandered around my hotel for a while. I eventually wandered through Madison Square Park….

….And past the Flat Iron building….

And eventually wound up at DavidsTea because that’s how I work.

I went in and browsed their super cute tea pots and cups and talked myself down from a lot of purchases that would have been difficult to travel home with. I snagged some of their Holiday Clearance items though, then headed to the counter to check out their tea selection. I was worried for a Teavana-like experience, but with only two people working in the shop, obviously they couldn’t be as aggressively clingy in trying to get me to buy ALL THE THINGS. So in between helping other customers while I tried to make up my mind, the girl working brought down lots of canisters for me to smell based on the types of teas I told her I liked. She quickly realized that I wasn’t new to tea, and eventually the conversation turned to what I was doing in town, and I explained the Gala/Auction and the tea party and everything, and she confessed that she totally already owned the Sherlock and Moriartea blends that I made and I wanted to cry and hug her. We nerded out a lot about Sherlock and tea in general, and it was just a great tea-buying experience. I ended up getting… a lot of teas

I’m pretty sure I’d be even worse in an actual Adagio shop though. SOMEDAY. Honestly though, for as much as I spent here, I probably would have only gotten one tin of tea for the same price from Teavana.

Don’t worry though Adagio, you still have my heart.

Anyway, I eventually made it back to the hotel before Aubre and Cate came to pick me up and we met Dede at Alice’s Tea Cup.

I have no idea where it was, so I’m not sure what branch it was, other than it had an upstairs ‘Green Room’, where we ate. Maybe if you squint you can see what those street signs say. Anyway. It was incredibly adorable. It reminded me a lot of Mad Hatters in San Antonio, with very similar decor and themes, obviously, but Alice’s had a goooorgeous tea and food menu. I had possibly the best, most buttery scone of my life, along with a bowl of a squash soup with chunks of cheddar in it that I am determined to replicate even if it kills me.

(this is not the soup)

(this is Cate and Dede)

Holy shit we went Adventuring after that. We ran to Kinokuniya and I basked in Japanese fashion mags and adorable stationary while Cate and Dede were much more sensible and got things actually in English (more versions of The Hobbit/LOTR for Cate because she has a problem, and Good Omens for Dede because she has great taste). Aubre ended up not being able to come in because of shitty NYC parking, so I got her some cute Wonder Woman stationary because she is my hero.

After that we wandered over to China Town for cheap bootleg anime shit, and we ran into Amanda and instead of cheap bootleg anime shit, I bought a huge bag of candy. 


By this point I really needed a jacket other than the crazy Sherlock Belfast-style monster I had brought and then left in my hotel room all weekend, so we hit up UNIQLO and H&M and I bought more clothes than I probably should have OTL

So THEN we drove out to Brooklyn to the Way Station and met up with Nicole and JFC, please tell me your name again other amazingly sweet girl I sat and talked to all night. I know your tumblr but I cannot for the life of me remember your name. I suck.

Anyway, The Way Station is officially my favorite bar in the world. It has three very important things going for it:

  • A drink menu with things like The Eleventh Doctor, The Companion, Seven Percent Solution, and Stormageddon (which was my drink of choice for the night because SO GOOD)
  • I generally don’t like hanging out at bars with live music, but this band came on stage and started playing this awesome version of the Doctor Who opening and then by the end of the night I knew it was true love. The band was called The Live Nudes, and Cate hit on all of their friends/girlfriends and dudes the vocalist stood on stage and painted during the entire performance:

    They. Were. Great.

After this, somehow I still had energy to go to Katz’s deli and score some Matzo soup and a chocolate egg cream because NY dammit, and I loved that stuff when there was still a Katz’s in Austin Q_Q

Understandably, after this I passed the fuck out.

Saturday: …. why does Saturday feel like such a blur? I S2G it shouldn’t. But it does. Anyway, got up early after our crazy night out and went to the BSI Merchants Room. I had inquired about getting a table here, but was a bit too late. But I got a chance to scope it out and drool over some really amazing Sherlock books and merchandise that I could never afford. I think I may do a table next year, as a surprising number of the BSI members I talked with were already familiar with my Sherlock teas. So.
The ladies I was hanging out with and myself were stopped in the hall at one point and interviewed on camera by some really adorable Anthropology students, and I managed not to make a total ass in front of myself as the guy responsible for running all of the BSI’s publications looked on. I felt like that was a pretty good accomplishment. Oh! We also met the lovely Emily there, and after the merchants room, Cate, Nicole and Amanda walked a few blocks to Emily’s hotel with me, and they took me on a detour through Grand Central Station since I’d never seen it before *_*


Such a lovely picture of Amanda but OMG SORRY CATE AND NICOLE AAAUGH.



Anyway, after dropping Emily off at her hotel, we trekked over to Ma Peche/Milk Bar, since I was DETERMINED to eat at a David Chang restaurant while in the city this time. Despite not having reservations, the wonderfully patient staff seated us at the bar and gave us menus

this is literally the stuff I dream about. I ordered the ramen, which I’ve been eyeing in my Momofuku cookbook for YEARS, but had been too hesitant to make since I had no idea what it was supposed to taste like

as someone said when I instagrammed the above picture, it doesn’t LOOK that appetizing, but it was one of the most amazing, richest bowls of noodles I’ve ever had. I might have to try this recipe now like, ASAP.

Cate (pictured below) ordered the equally infamous Pork Buns, and was nice enough to give me a bite and I nearly cried over how good they were:

On my other side, Aubre and Amanda ordered more buns, I think? And Nicole ordered the cheese toast which was CRAZY GOOD. I was apprehensive, seeing this gooey, cheesey toast topped with a huge mound of bonito flakes, but it totally worked man.

After lunch, we filed into the bakery, Milk Bar, where I was true to my word and bought $50 worth of stuff to bring back to Atlanta with me, because the corn cookies there just make me cry with how delicious they are.

We were all pretty much in a food coma at this point, still exhausted from the previous night, and needing to get things done for the tea party the next day. So we parted ways and I went back to my hotel and prepared samples of teas for a few hours. It was very zen.

Eventually the lovely Lee surprised me by showing up to my hotel to take me to the Lost in New York with Sherlockians dinner. It ended up being a nice walk from the hotel, and the fresh air was awesome. The dinner was mostly older Sherlockians, veterans of the BSI weekend, but everyone was very nice and welcoming to newbies like myself UvU I talked with lots and lots of people, and learned a lot about the Sherlock community in general. It just amazing how wide spread and OLD this fandom really is. I mean. Seriously. We go back decades and decades.

Somehow I did not take any pictures during the dinner OTL I think all the food I’d been indulging in caught up with me by the end of the night though, so I had to bow out early to go back to my hotel to suffer for a while. 

SUNDAY: Sobbu, my last day in the city with my NYC friends Q_Q I walked to DavidsTea once again to pick up a few last minute things for the tea party, and this time ended up talking to the guy working the counter about Benedict Cumberbatch (though he admitted to prefering JLM in Elementary, for which I do not fault him). Did I mention I really just love this place by now? Anyway, I knew I had some more time to kill before Aubre came to get me and my luggage from the hotel, so I took my time wandering back, and as I was passing the Museum of Sex I noticed that it was open surprisingly early for a Sunday morning, while a lot of other stuff was still closed. Still needing some NYC knick knacks, I decided this was perfect, and went in and wandered around for a bit, and left with a mug and post card. Perfect. 

When I got back to the hotel, I over heard the guys at the front desk having a heated debate on who was the Best Avenger, so I may have stopped and joined in the argument for like, an hour. I am sad I didn’t talk to the hotel staff more during the weekend, they were seriously awesome dudes! They introduced me to some awesome new comics and we just generally geeked out for a while. Once again, I can’t rec this hotel enough.

All good things must come to an end though, and I had to leave my darling hotel behind for the ASH Brunch. Once again, the crowd was a nice mixture of older BSI members and younger fans. I sat with an awesome group of ladies, and ladies, if you read this, please let me know your names and/or tumblrs, because you were seriously all awesome. But I’m pretty sure that sometime between you all giving me your business cards and me going next door for the tea party I lost my business card case.

(look at all of these awesome ladies!)

I did know Nora and Lucy though, thanks to their brilliant print they donated to the auction Thursday night. I actually scored my own copy of the print while I was at the brunch. Goooddddddddd it’s so gorgeous. This is also when I learned that Nora was actually on the same flight as me coming from Chicago! Smallest world ever.

Also, presented without explanation, the Thank You Carrot:

Time flew too quickly, however, and I had to dash right next door for the SherlockNYC tea party! A few people were already there by the time I got upstairs, so I quickly set up a couple of small tables for my prints and tea and another table for me to sit and draw sketches for people. Cate was a HUGE life saver by helping people buy stuff while I sketched so that I could draw for as many people as possible. I seriously wanted everyone there to get some free art, but alas, my time ran out sooner than I wanted Q____Q I got to draw some really great stuff though, and met and talked to some of the nicest, funniest people ever. It was simply amazing to see so many enthusiastic Sherlock fans in one space like that. I regret that I couldn’t stay the entire time and socialize with everyone more! I booked the latest flight I possibly could and everything DDDD:

But seriously, thank you SO MUCH to everyone that came out for our tea party, and especially to the SherlockNYC ladies for working so hard to put it together. I see how much blood, sweat and tears (and sleepless nights) these wonderful people put into their events, and it is truly a labor of love. You guys are all incredible, and you should be proud of what you’re doing for the fandom.

Soon enough I was back at LGA, sitting by my lonesome in the foodcourt, trying to finish a Pepsi before I had to go through security, when I saw a familiar face sitting a few tables away. Turned out that Nora was once again on my flight to Chicago XDDD We ended up chatting for hours in the terminal and on the flight (yay for Southwest’s open seating policy!) and I’ve pretty much determined Nora is one of the coolest people in the world. Nora, I think we might be friend soul mates. I automatically adore anyone that can knit, quilt, screenprint, and talk about wallpaper for any length of time. Also you have great taste in fic. So uh. Stop being perfect, okay?

I look forward to seeing Nora and so many other people I met this weekend once again in April at 221b con! Kristina, don’t you DARE get sick next time. I missed you so terribly all weekend, but I was so thrilled we could meet in person at last! Q///n///Q Lyndsay, you are INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much for everything you and the other Baker Street Babes did this weekend, despite varying levels of illness. You really are super heroes. 

OH GOD I TOLD YOU GUYS THIS WAS GOING TO BE LONG AND THERE WERE SO MANY OTHER AMAZING PEOPLE I GOT TO MEET AND HANG OUT WITH AND EVERYONE I TALKED TO WAS LITERALLY JUST THE BEST AND I’M JUST SO HAPPY I WENT. I am totally looking forward to going again next year, and if any of my followers were on the fence about attending themselves, obviously I think you totally should.

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