RE: The apartment

I’m trying to get one of the two bedroom apartments within a mile or two from my job, so in the Buckhead/Midtown area. The ones I’ve got my eye on are all around the mid $900’s or less a month.

  1. flora-ironica said: Where the fuck are you in all of this?!?!!?
  2. starkexpos said: Oh wow. That’s cheap. I don’t mind that area. I’ll send you an ASK with my email so we can talk about stuff at length.
  3. lycordia said: Ugh apartment hunting. Good luck!! *doing that along with job hunting in strange places, attempting the latter online… failing*
  4. thetadoctor said: If you and Starkexpos live together, I think a show should be made. Starring Dirk though - that sassy Schnauzer.
  5. eytancragg said: if only i had money…………
  6. notavillainbarnes said: *psst* Come to Louisville! We have bourbon and hot browns and derby pies. And the Bigelow Tea plant.
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