• Oh hey my Graze Box came with an invite code for people to join and get a free box for themselves *_*
  • go to graze.com
  • enter the invite code: 4D7W6GWD
  • you get your first box for freeee!
  • and seriously after that the boxes are $5 each and they’ll send you one every week until you tell them to knock it off (you can tell them to just send you your one free box too, and then cancel after that so you don’t spend any money)
  • but if you let them send you more you get your fifth box free so
  • that’s 5 awesome graze boxes for $15 and that’s not bad at all and seriously go look at the snack options they are SO YUMMY I could eat this eton mess snack mix all day everyday
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  2. everythingsbetterwithbisexuals said: Try the banoffee pie mix! I was eating that earlier and now I just want every Graze box I order to have it.
  3. masterbeethoven said: it’s expired -.-
  4. snuffleupagusjaydaymay said: i was one of the lucky four who got the promo code, so here’s mine in case people want to use it: 4DTVHP1
  5. theoneandonlybounce said: I didn’t know you had those across there, they’re just fantastic. Over here they do ones with tea and cake in :)
  6. kieranhasfeelings said: It doesn’t work for people in hawaii ; ;
  7. camezzo said: I signed up! I’m so excited!
  8. actionwagon said: it’s expired and i’m gonna cry now
  9. against-stars said: shit i know what i’m getting my dad for his birthday then
  10. the-great-poolkid said: One for the UK site is”YUM5”  !
  11. beebonious said: I got my first box yesterday and it really is FANTASTIC. So exciting and so tasty!
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    Excuse me while I move to the US…
  13. iheardyoujohn said: oh god no i want
  14. ohdearashbee said: only 12$ if you get 3 people to join and use the dollar off you get from each of them for the 3 boxes that you have to pay for.
  15. simoneloren said: That code is expired :(