• General disclaimer:
  • I keep talking a bunch about 221b Con because I’m seriously excited for it! 
  • However, I have no part in the planning, running or organization of it
  • I’m just a gal that wont shut up about how awesome I think it’ll be 8D
  • You’ll get much better answers about the con by contacting people actually involved with it than you will by asking me!
  • That said, the tea party I’m throwing is going to be held the day BEFORE the con, in an entirely different location, separate from the other con activities. You can ask me all sorts of questions about that thing.
  1. gaffertapeandhope said: Hi Cara! I sent you a message a day or so ago re: the tea party. Let me know if I can help! :)
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    And we will be happy to help them!! Also, I am looking forward to the next tea party.
  3. mishaisourking said: i’m so eXCITED i’m going to be there and i’m going to see you but i probably won’t be able to talk to you so just so you know the person cowering behind a table and peeking at you is me and i’m not a stalker i just—aaaahhh
  4. moxieangel said: Cara, feel free to direct them to me or to our Tumblr if you want!
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  6. aubre-rose said: <3 dude i can’t wait it is kinda the highlight of my year so far. remember to let us know how we can help. MISS YOU
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