Mostly to keep this straight in my own head, here’s the order I’ll be releasing new teas over the next few weeks:

  • Being Human UK (sometime really soon)
  • Merlin
  • Special Mini Comic + tea for FLUKE
  • Special New Sherlock Blends for 221b Con
  • Star Trek for C2E2
  • man I don’t know sometimes I do stuff at the drop of the hat.
  • But this is what I WANT to do
  1. onlylonelyglory said: mERLIN /SCREAMS
  2. hannahbaba said: SO EXCITED FOR MERLIN TEA!
  3. aktigerlily said: *gasps* MERLIN TEA I HAVE BEEN WAITING
  4. whyonlydream said: Fff. Sometimes I fuck up my whole blending schedule and say WHATEVER I’M GOING TO DO THIS TEA NOW AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME. And then after I do it, I can’t remember where I’m at anymore. ._.
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  6. silly-emby said: being human wooooo!
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    *SCREAMING* Being Human and Merlin are two of my favorite things. AND I’LL GET TO DRINK TEA BASED OFF IT
  9. rustandgunpowder said: MERLIN that is exciting.
  10. fiberistanora said: I will buy the crap outta Star Trek tea at C2E2.
  11. countesscross said: Merlin blends *dying*
  12. afterpartyattheshire said: ASDFGHJ. being human and merlin teas!!!! <3..
  13. 5-oclock-tea said: Merlin tea! So exciting :D
  14. wakeuptothemoon said: You can do it! :)