• …..I want to finish Punk!Rose and a couple of other Companions today….
  • …..but I’m also in a Sherlock mood, so I’d like to get started on Punk!Moriarty and others…..
  • WHAT DO?
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    DO IT ALL!
  2. kaylainthetardis said: ROSE
  3. thetadoctor said: So tempted to make a punk John costume for 221b but there will probably be a few nice ones already~
  4. sashaforthewin said: Just start drawing Flight of the Navigator fanart and piss everyone off.
  5. loganscigarette said: PUNK!SHERLOCK CAST ALL TOGETHER
  6. three-sixth said: both
  7. messypeaches said: Punk marthaa! that red leather jacket!
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  10. allenginsberging said: moriarty
  11. mochimochimochii said: Punk!Mrs. Hudson?