Super exciting news!

So you guys know I’ve been crazy busy with tea parties and working on various other hush hush projects…

Well now I can announce that I’ve received a generous grant and I’ll truly be taking this tea business on the road! I’m putting in my two weeks today, and starting in May, I’ll be traveling across the US to host an entire tour of tea parties! And THEN I’ll be traveling over seas!

Here’s a list of cities already lined up on the roster, though we’re still working out a few venues! I’ll post more details for each tea party as available! Keep an eye out!

May 4th- Washington DC
May 11th-NYC
May 18th-Miami, FL
May 25th-New Orleans, LA
June 1-Dallas, TX
June 8-Houston, TX
June 15-(Ill be in Charlotte, NC For Heroes Con, but no party)
June 22- Denver, CO
June 29- Phoenix, AZ
July 6- Las Vegas
July 13- SDCC!!
July 20- Portland, OR
July 27- Vancouver, Canada
August 3- Toronto, Canada
August 10- Detroit, MI
August 17- SoCal Sherlockian Con!!
August 31- Dragon Con!!!

Then I’m taking a break because starting in October I’ll be taking this show INTERNATIONAL. More news about that to follow SOON. Aaaaaugh I know this schedule is kind of nutso, but it’s somehow the most efficient with all of the cons I had already lined up, lol. Oh man I am going to be exhausted, but it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN OMG. IM SO EXCITED TO SEE ALL OF YOU GUYS ALL OVER THE PLACE, PLEASE DON’T GET SICK OF ME. OR TEA.

  1. meltyourheadaches said: AH CARA! SDCC IS JULY 17-21 THIS YEAR! Will you still make it?! I’d love to attend the tea party!!!
  2. fuckingfeanor said: Oh no nvm. It’s April First. Dammit Cara you suck. Except not. But yeah :(((
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  12. paperbacklove said: OMG DALLAS WHAT YAY
  13. pooped said: :( rude. I hate April Fools.
  14. guardianofbelief said: Yay for Detroit!! Do you have a venue planned for that day?!! Oh my god I love you~~
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  17. karioutme said: OMG ill get to see you again at Dragoncon!
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    You’re going to be in Portland? YESSS. Oh man, this is exciting. :DDD
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! (please don’t let this be a joke)