So it’s no secret that there is going to be some serious artistic talent in the 221b Con dealers room all weekend, which is going to be awesome! There’s so much talent actually, that a small handful of people I adore weren’t able to get space. It happens! Coey, Shy, and Enerjax are darling and precious and stupidly talented and I wanted desperately to see them at the con, but I knew Coey and Shy at least would not be able to afford the trip from Ohio without being able to cover the cost somehow. So, after lots of begging and pleading and trying to do everything else under the sun, I realized I could just let them sell some of their prints and shirts and stuff during the tea party. Sometimes I set up my own prints and stuff to sell during the tea parties, so it’s quite similar. SO! If you’re attending the tea party, please consider buying some amazing art from some amazing artists while you’re there! It may be your only chance to score art from them all weekend!

Also at the tea party we’ll have lots of other art from more artists (such as Mystradedoodles, Reapersun, Hoursago, and Inchells) available as prizes and in the gift bags! I just really love our fandoms artists, like, tons.

[EDIT] We’ll also have the amazing Katie at the tea party taking portraits of people in cosplay (or just dressed awesome) enjoying tea, and you definitely should hit her up for some amazing shots as well *///v///*

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    My bro bro and lovely Shy are coming to the tea party! YAY