I am seriously bad about getting photos during trips, so I didn’t get very much during Boston, but that’s only because I was too busy having way too much FUN.

  • After 20 hours driving from Atlanta straight to Boston in a single day, Jackie and Erin and I somehow didn’t want to kill each other! True friendship! And bless their hearts for being calm while it was my turn to drive, as I don’t actually have a car, so I drive one maybe once a year, for short trips. But I had to drive through D.C. which I’m assuming just ALWAYS has terrible traffic. But I badly want to go back and actually visit there, as I’ve never been before, and I was trying not to crane my neck around looking at everything while I was trying to drive. And poor Erin had to drive us through NYC at 9PM while we desperately whinged about wanting to stop and see places. BUT WE MADE IT TO BOSTON (er, Natick, actually) BY MIDNIGHT. GO US.
  • Saturday morning we grabbed Dunkin Donuts and headed into Boston proper and holy fuck what are your streets even??? Damn. But whatever, because that city is MAD gorgeous. Total history/architecture boner, the entire time. We found the building we needed on Tremont, and it was GORGEOUS and we were like “DAAAAMN”.
  • Got the tea party up and running and oh my gosh everyone that came was just so amazingly sweet and nice! I am so, SO glad that I asked Jackie and Erin to come with me, because they were a huge help in helping me keep things organized, as was Aubre and Chris and everyone else that came up with them. I actually had a lot more time to really TALK to people there than I normally do, which was so great. Seriously Boston, you guys are the best.
  • After the amazing tea party, Jackie and Erin revealed that they had seen a DavidsTea just down the street, so I was like “WELP, WE’VE PAID FOR PARKING ALL DAY ANYWAY” and walked over. I am, obviously, an Adagio Girl forever, but I seriously just adore DavidsTea as well. This was only the second shop I’ve gotten to visit, but it was just as incredibly nice as the shop I went to in NYC earlier this year. I ended up buying so much tea and accessories for the three of us, and then the manager saw the Sailor Moon necklace I was wearing, and he nerded out about fandoms with us, and so THEN of course we had to explain the tea party and fandom blends to him, and basically we walked out with a bunch MORE tea and yeah, I think I’m going to have to start reviewing some of these blends they hooked me up with over on whatpeoplebrew, because seriously. Nicest people. (Dont worry Adagio, shhhh, I still love you, I’ll never leave you).
  • Then we finally went and found our hotel, which ended up being sort of AMAZING. It looked so small and a little sketch on the outside, but the room was SO swank and well decorated and comfortable. It was a total steal. And it ended up being right on the edge of North End, so we just walked around there for a while before choosing a random Italian place and ordering waaaaay to much pasta and calamari. But oh my god soooo fucking good. I also ended up buying a couple of types of fresh pasta and the North End Italian Cook Book from a little pasta shop *_*
  • Aubre and the other NYC area peeps met up with us while we were eating dinner, so after that we walked around a little more, got some REALLY cute cupcakes and retro candy at the cutest little candy shop, then ate WAY too much gelato, and figured, what the hell, let’s keep the food train rolling, and went to Mike’s and got cannoli’s and macaroons. 
  • Then we heaved ourselves back to the hotel to chill for a while with everyone, which was great fun except for the part where I totally ate so much I made myself sick. Whatever. Worth it.
  • And then today we flew home ;_;
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    definitely hopefully our next Boston adventure will be less rainy and we can go look at the seals c:
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    I had a wonderful time yesterday! Thank you so much for coming up :D
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