• what if
  • I had
  • a recipe contest?
  • with prizes
  • and you’d have to submit recipes using any of my fandom tea….
  • hmmmm….
  1. venneh said: DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT
  2. welladridrilovesyoutoo said: but how would you pick the winner? make all the submissions and pick the best tasting..? :o
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  4. aubre-rose said: Yes pls
  5. owlpockets said: This is a fab idea!
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    *ears perk up and eyes light up* I would be ALLLLLLLLL over this! Though question is, would I be allowed to submit my...
  7. atswim-twocows said: i need all of your fandom teas. my moirail says it’s a good thing i’m broke cause i would buy EVERYTHING. he is correct.
  8. polkadotpolaroid said: We’d all get cray food porn boners
  9. meltyourheadaches said: YESSSSSSSS.
  10. mashellebelle said: Yes pls
  11. nightbecomesme said: i’d be down for that.
  12. saveitasajpeg said: I’m totally in if it means I get to make artisan ice creams. :)
  13. sweetiesheep said: Would we be able to use the same one if we’ve already posted a recipe in the past?
  14. fair-ravenclaw said: That would motivate me to buy your tea/make things with tea, which I have been wanting to do. So I’m in full support.