So right now I have teas made for Merlin, Being Human and Star Trek and they’re all waiting for label art.

I have a bunch of other fandoms I’d like to do teas for, but I would also like to know which ones YOU GUYS would be most interested in seeing. And a gentle reminder that: 1) I wont be doing more SPN teas any time soon, 2) I don’t watch Firefly or any other Whedon shows so those probably wont happen, 3) I am morally opposed to promoting Cassandra Claire, so no Mortal Instruments teas will happen either.

But other than that, request away, keeping in mind the fandoms you KNOW I’m in, or suspect I’m in (hint: I’m quietly in way too many).

[Edited to add: Please refer to my blends page for all of the teas available. Yes I’ve done Hannibal, Cabin Pressure, Good Omens and many other ones]

So, tea requests?

  1. feathersandtrenchcoats answered: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog teas?? Kind of out there but it would be cool!
  2. missusdoublea answered: MOAR avengers/marvel or Game of Thrones (I would love to see your take)
  3. life-is-a-melody answered: I will definitely partake in one or all of the Merlin and Star Trek teas!
  4. mshellbent said: Do you have blends for Neverwhere?
  5. galvdriels answered: game of thrones?
  6. withthesecinderedbones answered: Oh God His Dark Materials? If you’ve read it?
  7. bitterbeetle answered: Have you perhaps read any of the series by Tamora Pierce? Like, Protector of the Small and Wild Magic etcetc?
  8. mundanemuse answered: Bioshock Infinite would be awesome!
  9. emmatheadventurous said: Have you ever seen Psych? Psych teas would be awesome.
  10. naughty-elf-fun answered: i was considering the idea of your hobbit blends, but what names you could put them under- something like gandols would be, the wizards brew
  11. casteaelminion said: Arrested Development would be fun. Not sure if you’ve heard of the Havemercy series or the Demon’s Lexicon series? Those might be cool to make. Or um…something old-school like…Power Rangers?
  12. itrhymeswithcannibal said: A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones? Either character blends or house blends would be so cool!
  13. howmanyticks-inaclockwork-heart answered: What if you did a tea for each of the Hogwarts houses? Like Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff and all that?
  14. incredibletrash answered: More Gaiman!! I’d love to see Shadow, Mr. Wednesday, Spider, Fat Charlie, etc
  15. persephoneunder said: Neverwhere teas :)
  16. thirteenstrikes answered: Maybe Batman? Or more comics stuff? Madoka Magica would be great, too!
  17. no-vembers answered: Torchwood!
  18. beggyhutchis answered: bioshock! please, if you like, m’dear. :)
  19. marmotsomsierost said: Dresden Filesssssss. (And I’m sorry if you’ve done them but my phone is being evil and won’t load the list.)
  20. penemuel said: OMG the art for the Hannibal labels is wonderful! You just made me grin at work :D
  21. bubbletuzzi said: Arrested development!
  22. trinityclare answered: Narnia? :D?
  23. pacificrimming answered: Bioshock teas?
  24. musicaljinx answered: I would make unholy noises if you were to do Bioshock Infinite Teas~
  25. mishaisourking said: Have you made a Spock blend because I’d buy the shit out of that—
  26. moonscreations answered: IT Crowd (I want a Moss Tea)
  27. forianna answered: Once S3 of Sherlock is out I hope you’ll be making a Mary tea!~ Maybe even a sunny blend of wedding day tea? Thanks for being awesome~
  28. levianity answered: KingKiller!
  29. nettledbird answered: Psych teas maybe
  30. kukiexsiren said: I’m just waiting on merlin but I wouldn’t mind avatar last airbender, the dark material books, Scott pilgrim?, mlp,
  31. renlyandthespookystagpack answered: how about a Stephen Colbert tea? :O
  32. dragonspath answered: person of interest
  33. lunainvidia answered: More anime teas, maybe? i don’t know what shows you like though u_u
  34. apaperaeroplain said: His Dark Materials? Not the film, the books. Totally different
  35. jour-du-soleil answered: Teeeeen Woooooolf
  36. mischief7manager said: Any and all teas based on Neil Gaiman works would be AMAZING.
  37. mymomoness answered: Avatar: The Last Airbender teas would be amazing!!!
  38. rocketraccoonandgroot answered: So I know you’ve done Avengers teas but maybe side characters from their solo movies? (Pepper, Sif, Rhodey, etc.)
  39. kathsmusic answered: Star Trek TNG! I would love some “earl grey, hot”.
  40. mademoiselle-moitie answered: Monsters U teas?