Since you guys asked, here is the car story: The check oil light turned on one day and I ignored it for months. Then my car started smoking. I ignored that too for a few weeks. Then one day when I was on the highway, driving home after closing up at work at 1 in the morning, the car started smoking a LOT, luckily at the exit I needed. I pulled into a gas station (dumb) and then was almost immediately surrounded by police cars and an officer rushed over and shooed me away from my car just as flames started licking up around the hood. Luckily it was all smothered quickly and I just got a stern talking to from the police and I had to call my aunt to come get me and have my car towed away but I still sold it on craigslist hahaha sucker.

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    I feel like I totally saw this happening the other day
  3. cleverpudding said: This is why I have an unlce who is a mechanic and calls me to remind me when I need to get shit done to my truck.
  4. authoratmidnight said: Why on earth would you ignore it when it started smoking? That’s like, a huge sign something’s wrong.
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    "Then my car started smoking. I ignored that too for a few weeks." Anyone from tumblr is going to be a wonderful parent.
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  8. eialyne said: Thank you, Cara. I now have an illustrated example of why to stay on top of my oil changes besides my parents simply telling me to do it! *makes note to self to do that this weekend*
  9. lovemenace said: HAHA … that ending to that story was amazing.
  10. sdbelle said: lost it at “hahahaha sucker” #nailed it
  11. twinism said: I did the same thing to a station wagon. Blew the pistons through the engine block. Ah, good times!