do you ever just sit around and think I’m in my twenties.



Cute girls who are secretly kinky as fuck in the bedroom

Here’s my full video for Project Fandom. Please excuse how tired I look, and how choked up/emotional I get sometimes. I’m a nerrrrd.

My room mate just turned to me and told me that my life was like a perfume commercial. “It’s sort of weird and glamorous and I’m not really sure what’s happening or what you’re trying to sell, but I am intrigued” and that is the weirdest compliment I’ve ever recieved.

Job’s I’ve held since 16:

  • Retail at Hancock Fabrics
  • visual merchandiser for some truly hideous clothes
  • Cake Decorator/Apprentice Pastry Chef
  • Book wench at Borders
  • Counter of dry cleaners (it was basically my job to dig through pockets when clothes were turned in and make sure nothing was lost or stolen except this was a dry cleaners literally in the middle of nowhere on the side of a highway in central Texas so 90% of the things I got were dusty blue jeans)
  • Yaoi manga artist (I went by a pen name, I will never tell you what it was, it was TERRIBLE)
  • Regular Comic Artist
  • Face Painter/Body Painter/Clown
  • Glorified Interior Design Librarian
  • Some sort of weird tea blender idek
  • Can I say professional fan? I get to go places because I’m a fan sometimes, does that count? I feel like that’s too easy and shouldn’t count.
  • I modeled a couple of times in middle school?? That barely counts too so whatever.

So on facebook the other day I decided I would get in shape this winter by learning as many ParaPara dances as possible, and my little sister commented that she would do the same, and so I challenged her to a ParaPara competition when we got together for Christmas, and we’re super into it, and I want to design cool competition shirts for us to wear because that’s the sort of dumb thing I do, but I need something clever and witty to call our sibling ParaPara competition and I just got nothin’ right now.

C’mon my precious chicken nuggets, help me think of a title for my ParaPara competition. I know you can do it.